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tv   House Democrats Hold Rally at U.S. Capitol  CSPAN  June 24, 2016 12:28am-12:42am EDT

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the outcome. >> i'm going to do exactly what the president and into a not weigh in on this and send a signal to our great friends and allies in britain that we stand with them regardless of what decision they make. >> are you fearful of the consequences economically in the united states? >> no, i'm not all. i'm not going to way you in on it, they are an indispensable alley of ours would go this to what the outcome of this vote is. we stand with them regardless of what decision they make it britain. >> thank you. >> around 1:00 p.m. eastern this afternoon, democrats democrats in the house and did their 25 trent 25 hour sit in calling for exxon gun violence. it represented john lewis and other house democrats spoke to reporters and supporters outside the capital here's a look.
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>> what do you say to the folks on the other side that called this a stunt? >> well, you, you know for someone to say that this is a publicity stunt it is unfortunate. but it remind me of another. during a sitting during the freedom ride. there is seven governors like lester maddox, of georgia, george wallace of alabama, and they were for civil action, publicity stunt. when you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, fair, not just, you have to do something about it. you have to do it in a nonviolent passion and that is what we did. >> what kind of message do you feel like you the past 24 hours? >> i think it's been a very strong message to our college and our congress and to the american people and people around the world that we are sick and tired of violence.
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[inaudible] . . when the time comes and an extension to give them the tools
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they need. [inaudible] >> i hope that's the case. in the end as abraham lincoln said it matters. it's rapidly changing and as bob dylan says they will stand in the hallways don't block the halls. there is about outside and it's raging. >> congressman i want to ask -- [applause] >> i dropped the mic. >> a larger strategy you have spoken out on the floor.
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his associates in the minority party? >> it says shifts in our perception of the american public. there frustrated with policy decisions and they looked to washington to see what is not working and it's not about the effects. quite frankly personally i will be here next year and i will be here a couple of years after that. bermuda decision for me the decision is quite plain and clear. too many people have died. how many do we have to slaughter before people try to do something to change the picture? we are not asking for a panacea. we are not asking for the end-all. we know there are many problems out there but the american
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people are looking for their congress and republican-led congress to did demonstrate to them that they understand that something needs to change and they have to change the law in order to start to address this issue of slaughter in the united states. >> looking forward to the election and beyond if hillary clinton is elected president democrats are made in the minority does this frustration still exist and while that empower democrats to continue to speak up especially if they are remaining in the white house? >> secretary clinton will work on the issues the american people care about. we will see change your washington. hillary clinton knows how to work the other side of the aisle to get things accomplished. i suspect we may very well be in the majority.
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i look forward to this election. i think with this issue and others we will win back the house. >> how tired are you? i'm not that tired right now considering i haven't slept in the last 24 hours i have eaten to chocolate donuts and a couple of cups of water. i feel incredibly integrated aisle at this and all the people who are involved in the people that i met this morning when it was raining out here and ugly outside and yet these beautiful people had seen a facebook feeds and jumped on a bus and just came out here to see if there was some way to help to be supportive. tens of thousands of people who were on the facebook peace commented who supported what we are doing and even the people that were opposed when engaged, that kind of thing is not happened and i don't know how long. that is kind of my dream of how
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congress will be within the coming through. >> you think there'll times there will be a legislative impact or if political impact if either? >> i certainly hope both. i think this proves something that we have seen develop over the last year which is that the hierarchy of the parties, of our government, the status quo matters less and less when people are able to connect directly with each other like they did in kind of an ad hoc sitting where they didn't have a defined plan that organically through the leadership of some amazing people like john lewis and the connections of tens of thousands of americans is much bigger than anyone times anyone expected and it has created the momentum and a force that now has to go somewhere. i think that has to go somewhere legislatively and i think it will express itself politically.
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just how i don't know but i think it's a very positive thing. >> john had time to spare batteries and was constantly coming in and changing out batteries. we were on facebook livestream and only allowed for 90-degree windows so he would give me a fresh battery unplugged and and i would assume the position. my hand wants to do this now so i have to force it to go back. i'm really happy about our country and the people i work with and the people who turned out physically and on the internet and so don't take my word for it. i've only been been ever three nephews but someone like john conyers who has been here really long time, longer than any
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member of congress, he called this the most profound moment in his congressional career which is really saying something. jim clyburn who has been here for really long time, a highly respected person he said this was his proudest moment. that really means something and for some unlike john lewis to give his all to stay up all night with all of us words can't describe how significant a change this is and that makes me really happy that we are capable of doing this. >> do you see any legislative recognition from the republicans being cut out? >> no i am not an i may be overly optimistic and too buzzed about this but democrats and republicans in independents all of us have for the american people really loud and really clear.
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what happened last night in this morning and even now was and just democratic members of congress. was the whole country times country. there is no way we would have stayed that long and have been impacted people were not urging us to do it are commanding us to do it. you had better had better stay in that floor. i wanted to be there. do something for us so yeah this is something that i think, we are going to look like and remember that moment. [inaudible] >> some of the bills with specific proposed legislation like removing the block with the cdc conducted that provides information on foreign policy
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and decisions for legislation, removing all the loopholes to universal backgrounds, something that may not be universally supported in our caucus that the majority field should -- [inaudible] and the most simple direct one i think is to be on a no-fly list to be on the no buy list. ozar for legislative proposals that i would like keep. i just talked to david jolly a republican and the hall and he said i'm with you in terms of some of these issues specifically the no-fly, no by and i think there's a way we can bridge the gap. easy for david jolly to say. he's a relatively new member of congress and he's retiring and
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he is a republican. i will take votes reckoned by them. i think politically speaker ryan and his conference have to figure out how to respond not to our demands. they have an act upon any democratic caucus for the last three and half years but the demands of the electorate which really came out last night loud and clear so i really think the challenge is in his court right now. i for one know and many others feel the same way are happy to work with me. there is a compromise by which we can arrive i will do my best to get behind it. thank you all for coming out tonight. appreciate it. thank you all for coming out.
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shortly after house minority leader nancy pelosi insisted they are trying to get a vote for no by a no-fly gun legislation isn't over. let's watch. >> i would say good morning. they know it's not morning but i haven't been to sleep yet, since tuesday night so beware. as you all know because you have been there, when we get sworn into congress we take an oath of office to support and defend the constitution and the american people guided by the moral strength of john lewis our sit in sit-in on the floor resonated around the world and focused on the atteio


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